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Surface Pump

The surface pump classification includes various centrifugal pumps, jet pumps, and vortex pumps. The surface pump is made of 304 stainless steel. The novel design and treatment process make the product have a very beautiful appearance. The delivery is completed under vacuum, effectively preventing fat oxidation, avoiding protein hydrolysis, reducing bacterial survival, and effectively ensuring the cleanliness of the water source. It lifts the material for longer distances and simplifies the machine structure and reduces production costs.
Surface pumps are used to pump water from surface sources such as springs, ponds, water tanks or shallow wells. Most of our ground pumps are diaphragm pumps or rotary vane pumps. The key components are manufactured with imported materials through the machining center to ensure machine accuracy. The pump body, impeller and blade adopt special heat treatment process, with high finish and good wear resistance, which is easy to clean. Vacuum pumps and electrical components are all imported brand-name products. They can run solar energy directly, with simple operation and low cost.
The floor pump should be installed in a dry, weatherproof location or as close as possible to the water source. Unlike submersible pumps, they should not be submerged or frozen. Before the freezing weather comes, the water in the ground pump system must be drained.
The surface pump is suitable for clean water, sea water and rust-free water. It is suitable for water supply, drainage, circulating water and water exchange in schools, hotels, domestic water supply and planting, forestry and fisheries.
We are famous China surface pump manufacturers and suppliers, making high quality products for our customers. Our high quality and economical surface pump produced by our factory have got CE, UL, Rosh certification. Please contact our company for more information.
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