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Circulation Pump

Circulation pump is a water pump that can circulate water. A single stage centrifugal pump is generally used. The flow rate of the circulating pump is medium in size, and under steady operating conditions, the flow rate of the pump is relatively small. Its head is low and low, just to overcome the pressure drop of the circulatory system. A low lift pump can be used.
No water leakage: The magnetic drive has no moving seals, which fundamentally eliminates the problem of water leakage;
Low noise: The accuracy of key parts is as high as two thousandths of a millimeter to ensure quiet performance;
Long life: The use of mirror ceramics and ceramic nano-bearings is anti-wear, ensuring long life;
Less power consumption: Because the matching is reasonable, the motor power is small;
Small size and light weight: the circulation pump has a compact structure and reasonable design, so it is small in size and light in weight;
Low water quality requirements: If the circulating water contains tiny impurities, it will not affect the circulation pump work;
Anti-burning: If the pump is wrapped by debris, it will not damage the motor due to overload.
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