Shimge Attended 2018 China (Shanxi) 13th Energy Saving Heating, Boiler, Air- Conditioning, Heat Pumps and Confortable New Air System Exhibition with More Intelligent Heating Equipment

On April 16, 2018, the 3-day 2018 China (Shanxi) 13th Energy Saving Heating, Boiler, Air- Conditioning, Heat Pumps and Confortable New Air System Exhibition concluded successfully at China (Taiyuan) Coal Trading Center. 

As the industry representative, Shimge Pump Industry Group Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the exhibition and offered an eye-catching technological heating feast of products with “energy saving and high reliability” through technological innovation, product R&D and environmental protection concept, etc. In order to provide consumers with safe, comfortable and quality life, as well as green and energy-saving way of life, Shimge has been committed to technological innovation and dedicated to the development of a series of forward-looking and value-in-use products, which have garnered wide acclaim from the end users. In accordance with the market demand of the HVAC Industry, Shimge displayed many mainstream products which were at the forefront of science and technology and favored by the HVAC Industry, coal-to-electricity and coal-to-gas engineering at this exhibition, thus exploring the mainstream customers in the industry and well defining its market objectives. For example, the Company aimed at coal-to-electricity and coal-to-gas engineering to exhibit the XPS series, XP series, PUM series, CPH series and BPS series products; it centered on community concentrated heating, large-scale commercial heating and large electric boiler heating to exhibit the TB series, SGL(R, W) series, Fully Integrated Variable Frequency Pump series and BW/BWJ (T) Multi-Stage Stainless Steel Pump series. 

At the exhibition, Shimge was highly recognized by new and old customers. Lots of people flocked to the Shimge exhibition booth for consultation and cooperation negotiation, and the customers spoke highly of Shimge’s technological innovation and product performance. As an industry leader, Shimge participated in the exhibition, which well demonstrated that the Company attached great importance to the HVAC industry and provided great support for the coal-to-electricity and coal-to-gas engineering in Northwest China.  Through this exhibition, Shimge has not only well displayed the advantages of its products to HVAC industry customers from the aspects of product performance, appearance and practicability, but also perfectly interpreted its value proposition of “energy saving and high reliability”, thus making more customers have a new understanding of Shimge. At the same time, we also believe that Shimge, which has been committed to “intelligent manufacturing of pumps”, will certainly become a quality supplier of HVAC, coal-to-electricity and coal-to-gas engineering industry!

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