Preparations before installation of Deep Well Pumps

(1) First check whether the diameter of the well, the depth of still water and the power supply system meet the conditions of use.
(2) Check whether the Deep Well Pumps electric pump rotates flexibly, and there should be no dead spots. The sub-assembled motor and electric pump should be connected with a coupling. Pay attention to tighten the top wire.
(3) Open the exhaust and water filling screw plugs, and fill the inner cavity of the motor with clean water. Take care to prevent false fullness and install the screw plugs. There should be no water leakage.
(4) Use a 500 volt megohmmeter to measure the insulation of the motor, and it should be no less than 150 ohms.
(5) Corresponding hoisting tools should be equipped, such as tripod, hoisting chain, etc.
(6) Install the protection switch and the starting device, and start the motor instantaneously (no more than 1 second) to see if the rotation direction of the motor is the same as the direction plate. Consider the water network and prepare to go down the well. When the motor is connected to the Deep Well Pumps for steering, clean water must be poured in from the pump outlet, and it can be started when the water flows out from the water inlet section.
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