Development of Submersible Drainage Pumps

In order to improve the life of Submersible Drainage Pumps, most manufacturers at home and abroad are trying to find a way on the pump protection system, that is, when the pump has leakage, overload, over temperature and other faults, it can automatically alarm and automatically shut down for repair.
However, we believe that it is necessary to set up a protection system in Submersible Drainage Pumps, which can effectively protect the safe operation of electric pumps. But this is not the key to the problem. The protection system is just a remedy after the pump fails. It is a relatively passive method. The key to the problem should be to start from the root and completely solve the problems of the pump in terms of sealing and overload. This is a more proactive approach.
For this reason, we apply the auxiliary impeller fluid dynamic sealing technology and the pump's no-overload design technology to the submersible sewage pump, which greatly improves the reliability and carrying capacity of the pump seal and prolongs the service life of the pump.
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