Self-Priming JET Pumps PJ

Self-Priming JET Pumps PJ


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Self-Priming JET Pumps PJ

Performance Range

◎ Top lift: 45m;
◎ Maximum flow: 5.2 m3/h;
◎ Max suction head: 9m.

Application Limits

◎ Medium temperature: No higher than 40℃
◎ Ambient temperature: No higher than 40℃
◎ Working pressure of system: 4.5bar
◎Voltage fluctuation: No more than ±10% of the rating.


Application Fields

◎ Injection pumps of PJ series, featured by small flow, high pressure, and strong self-priming, can be widely applied to water-intake way for rural familiesliving, garden irrigation,pressurization for tap water, and well water pumping.


◎ NSK bearing;
◎ F-grade motor


◎ Pump body: Cast iron;
◎ Impeller/guide vane/injector: PPO
◎ Pump cover: 304 stainless steel;
◎ Mechanical seal: Ceramic/graphite/nitrile rubber;
◎ Motor: Two-step asynchronous motor; copper coil; integrated thermal protector; closed fan cooling; continuous operation;
◎ Level of protection: IPX4;
◎ Insulation grade: B.

Optional Available On Request

(* Standard configuration on Page 70)

Performance Curve

Note:The cable length is 0.3m,no plug.

Components & Materials

Dimensions & Weight

Packing Size & Weight

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