2.5"Deep Well Pumps 2.5SG(M)

2.5"Deep Well Pumps 2.5SG(M)


Shimge Pump Industry Group is one of the leading China 4"Deep Well Pumps 2.5SG(M) manufacturer. There may be a lot of 2.5"Deep Well Pumps 2.5SG(M) manufacturers out there, but not all 2.5"Deep Well Pumps 2.5SG(M) manufacturers are alike. We constantly invest in the latest technologies and equipment to produce 2.5"Deep Well Pumps 2.5SG(M) that meet our requirement for consistency and precision on an ever-improving scale. Our proven manufacturing techniques repeatedly produce precision moulds for 2.5"Deep Well Pumps 2.5SG(M) with incredible accuracy in tight dimensional tolerances and thicknesses that exceed the limitations of other manufacturers.

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2.5"Deep Well Pumps 2.5SG(M)

Application Limits

◎ Max. ambient temperature< 40℃ ;
◎ Sand content(in mass fraction)up to 0.01%;
◎ Hydrogen sulfi de content up to 1.5mg/L, chloride ion content up to 400mg/L;
◎ pH 6.5 to 8.5;
◎ Maximum: 70 m below the static water table.

Advantages & Features

◎ Edible oil fi lled motor, stable& reliable running with pressure regulating membrane;
◎ Single phase motor equipped with start box which built in capacitor ¤t mode thermal protector, convenient for replacement;
◎ Pump sleeve with screw thread, single stage fl oating impellers;
◎ Installation in 2.5" or larger boreholes.

Performance Data

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